Checklist: Your auto insurance policy must have these provisions

Auto insurance has different types. The kind of benefits you get from a car insurance depends on the type and nature of the policy you have selected. The most recommended car insurance type is, of course, comprehensive car insurance as it covers you from all aspects including yourself and 3rd party damages. You will get a list of provisions that an insurance company is willing to provide you in case of an accident or any other mishap.

However, there are a lot of features that may not be openly mentioned in your policy but you must look for them. You should aspire to buy a car insurance policy that provides you extra benefits and advantages. Following are the covers that only a few car insurance providers dare to offer to their customers;

Loss/theft of car keys

It is a coveted feature that not all car insurance companies offer. In case of loss or theft of your car keys, the car insurance policy must cover you.

Your possessions and belongings

Your car insurance policy should also cover your possessions in case of an accident, theft or fire. The belongings may include gadgets, purse etc.

Windscreen cover

Windscreen is very important part of your insurance policy as it is the first target of any incident and requires a fortune for a replacement. So it must be mentioned in your car insurance policy. Interestingly, windscreen only means the front window. For side windows and sunroofs, you might have to look harder for the insurer.

Courtesy car

This is indeed a valuable cover. If your car is being recovered from any damage then your insurance company may provide you a courtesy car as to not affect your day-to-day routine. A courtesy car cover is not worth the extra money if you have a second vehicle at home.

Car removal cover

If your car is in a situation where it cannot be moved in case of severe damages then your insurer must provide you the cover for the transportation cost to remove your car from the site of the accident to a repair shop.