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JS Bank offers a car loan product called JS CarAamad that allows you to get installments based car financing to purchase a new, used or imported vehicle in Pakistan. You will be required to make atleast 15% as a minimum downpayment of the car value with a tenure of up to 7 years. JS bank also offers you to include the first year of car insurance cost within the installments so that you do not need to make larger payments to own a car.

JS Bank car loan product provides customers with a simple product that offers them the chance to own their own vehicle in an affordable and efficient way. This instalment based loan product, is ideal for a wide range of vehicles, providing borrowers with the chance to select their preferred vehicle. It is a loan that is smart and effective.

Features and Benefits

This product offers an easy way to obtain financing for a vehicle with a very fast process time that is hassle-free. The bank only requires a down payment of 15% which means that customers can borrow up to 85% of the value of the vehicle, providing them with an affordable way to own a car. Of course, what is also appealing is the fact that the loan can be spread over as long as 7 years, providing borrowers with an option of cheaper monthly instalments or evening having the ability purchase the car sooner.

The product offers insurance through a number of reputable insurance partners including EFU General Insurance, Adamjee General Insurance, Askari General Insurance, Shaheen Insurance & TPL Direct Insurance. The insurance on offer comes with competitive rates. Should borrowers find themselves in a position where they can pay off the loan early, there is an early settlement option although there are charges applied for taking up this option while the financing is based on a floating rate (depending upon the daily KIBOR rate) or a fixed rate, depending on the needs of the customer. There is a large amount of financing available, providing borrowers with the chance to truly own the vehicle of their dreams while there are no hidden charges to catch customers out. One final benefit is that customers will are not required to make any down payment or pay any processing fee until the loan has been approved by the bank.

You can avail financing for up to Rs. 50 millions. Visit JS bank car financing calculator to get a quote for your car loan now.