NBP Financial Sector Income Fund

Get secure and stable returns by investing in high-quality Bank deposits, Sukuks, and the short-term Money Market sector
Conventional Income Funds

  • Scheme Details

    The aim of this scheme is to get secure and stable returns by investing in high-quality Bank deposits, Sukuks, and the short-term Money Market sector. There is no lock-in period of this fund and you can withdraw your investment anytime.

  • Features

    - Attractive profits returns compared other saving schemes

    - High liquidity investment scheme with no lock-in period

    - Withdraw your investment without any penalty

    - Enjoy upt to 20% tax benefit on your investment

    - Offering optional life and accidental insurance coverage

    - Withdraw your cash through Debit Card any time

    - Managed by experienced fund managers in Pakistan

  • Why invest in this fund?

    By investing in Debt instruments, Financial Sector, and bank deposits this fund provides you stable and regular returns at a very minimum risk.

  • Eligibility

    - Age Limit: Above 18 years 

    - Information required: CNIC, Bank Account Number, Mobile phone and email address

Fund Highlights

Fund Size Fund Size:Rs. 39,286 Million Age Age: 2 years 2 m
Since 04 Feb 2022
Front Load Front Load:Up to 3% Exit Load Exit Load:Nil
Benchmark Management Fee: 6% Min. Investment Min. Investment:

Rs. 10000

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Fund's Risk Profile

Investors understand that their principal will be
at Medium risk

Fund Details

  • Fund Type

    Open End Income Fund

  • Fund Size

    39,286 Million

  • Fund Rating


  • AMC Rating


  • Launch Date

    04 February 2022

  • Front End Load

    Up to 3%

  • Exit Load


  • Management / Admin Fee


  • Redemption / Withdraw Charges


  • Tax Benefits


Fund Performance

Validity Date 25 Aug 2023

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Asset & Portfolio Allocation

Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation

Bank Deposits


Commercial Paper

Others Receivables


Company Holdings
Company Holdings

Samba Bank Limited 01-MAR-21 01-MAR-31

HUBCO Suk-2 Rev 22-AUG-19 22-AUG-23

JS Bank Limited 29-DEC-17 29-DEC-24

JSCL-10 18-JUL-17 18-JUL-23

Meezan 16-DEC-21 16-DEC-31

JSCL TFC - 06-MAR-2018


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