Car Insurance

Traffic accidents are inevitable in highly populated countries such as Pakistan. Buying car insurance is crucial for all car owners in the country as it helps them recover from the financial impact of road accidents. Car insurance fundamentally offers a wide range of benefits against vehicle damage and covers for physical injuries sustained in auto accidents.

Key Benefits of Purchasing Car Insurance

Buying vehicle insurance saves you from accidental external means, theft, riots, fire, external explosion, strikes, self-ignition, third party liability, frost, and lightning. In addition to this, the car owners with insurance policies can get:

- All accidental damages covered for your car or 3rd party

- Coverage against fire, theft, and accidental total loss

- Get your vehicles repaired from the workshop of your choice

- No hidden charges & taxes

- Settlement of the total loss and theft claims within few days

Types of Auto Insurance are Available in Pakistan

There are mainly two types of car insurances that you can purchase in Pakistan:

1- Comprehensive Insurance

This type of auto insurance provides the policyholder with full end-to-end protection and covers against damages including third-party cover. 

2- 3rd Party Car Insurance

It demands the lowest legal requirements and covers any harm to the 3rd party only when an accident occurs.

Moreover, you can get Car Takaful and Islamic vehicle Insurance for your new and used cars online, using the services of the best car insurance companies in Pakistan.

How to Purchase Vehicle Insurance in a Hassle-free Way?

The best way to buy your Car Insurance online is to purchase it at We provide the most suitable auto insurance to our clients as we are partnered with the country's leading insurance in Pakistan including Adamjee Insurance, UIC Pakistan, TPL Insurance, Jubilee General Insurance, PAK-QATAR General Takaful, SPI Insurance, EFU Insurance, and Takaful Pakistan. With our Car Insurance Comparison Service, you can get insurance quotes from all the above-mentioned insurance companies, compare their offerings, and enjoy the best rates. Our hassle-free services arrange the auto insurance at your doorstep or in your email in no time. Our services are 100% free. Additionally, we offer additional tracker services with which you can buy or order a tracking device along with auto insurance. You can buy the sought-after car insurance packages and get the best trackers from us at market competitive rates.


Travel Insurance

Are you looking to buy travel insurance to make your trip or stay in another country safe and certain? It is a wise decision! Having a travel insurance with you help you get through unforeseeable situations such as medical emergencies and theft of luggage and belongings (passport) in the country you are visiting or staying in. Imagine a situation where you are sending your son or daughter to a foreign land for higher studies, you would want things to go uninterrupted and ensure the safety of your kid. This is one of the situations where travel insurance comes into play.

Key types of Travel Insurance available in Pakistan

There are many types of insurance policies that you can purchase in Pakistan, including international travel, Hajj and Umrah, Student Travel, Business Travel, and Ziarat. Keep reading to know details about these travel insurance policies:

Single Trip

It covers for you as well as your family during one single trip (only).

Annual Multi-trip

It is most suited for people who frequently travel and have to go abroad many times over a year.

Traveling to Schengen Countries

It offers travel insurance coverages and enables you to meet the requirements of traveling to European countries.


It has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of people traveling to the USA, Australia, and Canada.

Worldwide Travel

It allows traveling anywhere worldwide while ensuring full coverage for the insured.

Studying Abroad

It provides financial coverage for a year and makes the studying process smooth for the insured despite any medical or travel uncertainties.


It is best to partner with people traveling for leisure or business purposes as it helps protect them from anything unforeseeable.


It makes your spiritual journey seamless by providing you with coverage against any accident or loss of baggage (including baggage).

Travel Insurance for Over 60s

It is designed to meet the traveling needs of the people above. Its premium cost is more than usual and specifications vary from provider to provider.

Where to Get Travel Insurance Tailored to Your Needs? is partnered with the leading travel insurers in Pakistan, making it the best place for buying travel insurance. These insurers include Adamjee Insurance, UIC Pakistan, TPL Insurance, Habib Insurance, Jubilee General Insurance, PAK-QATAR General Takaful, and SPI Insurance. At you can review and compare the travel insurance plans offered by the above-mentioned insurance companies and buy your travel insurance online in a few minutes. Along with this, if you want any information about their plans and additional details, you have come to the reliable and right platform.


Health Insurance

Health insurance is of crucial importance for protecting yourself and your family from unforeseeable and expected health emergencies. Imagine a situation where you or your loved ones meet an accident or got sick due to chronic disease and they need to get hospitalized for a few days or weeks. In such a scenario, you will be shocked to see the skyrocketing prices of hospitalization, medicines, and medical procedures. To fight against the odds and save lives, buy a comprehensive coverage plan that covers medicine and hospitalization bills (even during surgeries).

Key Benefits of Health Insurance in Pakistan?

There are multiple benefits of purchasing health insurance in Pakistan. To start with, you can pay hefty medical bills, get treatment for your sickness, and avoid standing in long waiting lines for getting the required medical attention. With health insurance, you will be able to choose the consultants and hospital of your choice and get quicker and faster appointments. Moreover, it also gets you coverage for stroke, heart disease, and cancer treatment.

Type of Health Insurance can You Get in Pakistan

The following are the types of health coverage that you can avail in Pakistan:

Family Health Insurance

It saves you and your family from unanticipated health care expenses (hospitalization and emergency medical treatments).

Personal Health Insurance

It provides coverage for all the agreed medical fees of an individual even if the emergency leads to hospitalization.

Get Hospitalization Coverage

It protects the insured person against unexpected healthcare-related costs. For hospitalization, it covers up-to PKR 5000,000 depending on the plan you select.

Get Critical Illness Coverage

It helps you live a risk-free life by offering to cover a hefty amount against critical illnesses, including Heart Attack, Cancer, Paralysis, Stroke, Kidney Failure, etc.

Why Should You Get a Health Insurance?

Having health insurance helps you avail sought-after healthcare services at panel hospitals across the country. You can get immediate medical care at any panel hospital via a health insurance card, which means that you can make cashless payments. Therefore, dealing with personal or family health emergencies becomes easier when you have health insurance that takes care of the financial aspect in moments of extreme distress.

How to Purchase the Best Health Insurance?

Buying health insurance is the easiest way through that offers you highly tailored quotations matching your needs with the annual coverage for you and your family. With us, you can compare the health insurance plans provided by TPL Insurance, Jubilee General Insurance, UIC Pakistan, Takaful Pakistan, PAK-QATAR General Takaful, and SPI Insurance and buy your health insurance online. This comparison will help you choose the Takaful or Conventional coverage plan, which best suits your needs concerning the budget and required medical care.