What is SPI Health Insurance? 

SPI Health Insurance is a health maintenance plan covering your medical expenses by providing you the benefits of cashless hospitalization in Pakistan. The health insurance plan offers multiple coverages for illnesses, accidental injuries, and surgeries. You can cover the medical expenses for yourself and your family through this plan. 

Health is nature’s biggest blessing, and SPI Health Insurance helps you get the best medical care at top hospitals in Pakistan. The policy covers the expenses of hospitalization, emergency care, and surgery. You can also get additional coverages such as maternity coverage, out-patient treatment coverage, and accidental death coverage, which are optional and would require you to pay an extra premium. You can visit any on-panel hospital of SPI Health Insurance to avail of its benefits during a health emergency countrywide. 

The health insurance plan offers senior citizens coverage, post-discharge care, prescription drugs, and cash-less facility in on-panel hospitals. Therefore, to avail of all these benefits, buy your SPI Health Insurance plan today through Mawazna.com without any hassles. 

Coverages offered by SPI Health Insurance 

SPI Health Insurance aims at covering the hospitalization expenses (starting at PKR 75,000 to PKR 500,000) of the insured. The cashless facility of the plan can be availed in any of its network hospitals across the country. The hospitalization cover includes your medical expenses, room charges, medicines expenses, doctor or surgeon fee, and diagnostic tests charges. 

Optional Coverages under SPI Health Insurance 

The following coverages are optional under SPI Health Insurance, which you can avail of by paying the additional amount: 

  1. Maternity Coverage: avail coverage for post-natal medical expenses, delivery expenses, and labor management 
  2. Out-Patient Coverage: get the costs of diagnostic tests, consultation fees, and prescribed medicines covered 
  3. Accidental Death Coverage: avail coverage of costs arising due to accidental death and funeral management 

Key Benefits of SPI Health Insurance 

The following are the key benefits of SPI Health Insurance: 

- Avail pre and post hospitalization expenses coverage 

- Get the expenses of surgeon charges, surgery charges, operation theatre charges, CCU/ICU charges, anesthetist’s fees, prescription drugs during hospital stay charges, angiography, angioplasty, ECG’s, MRI Scan, CT Scan, EEG’s, ventilator, and allied services covered 

- Avail coverage for any diagnostic tests, ultrasound, diagnostic or therapeutic endoscopies procedures, oxygen and blood supplies, and in-hospital consultation 

- Expenses arising due to trauma and accidents, emergency ambulance, and accidental dental treatment are covered 

How to Buy Your SPI Health Insurance? 

You can buy your SPI Health Insurance in a hassle-free manner through Mawazna.com, an online portal and insurance marketplace where you can compare all the health insurance plans offered by the major health insurers. 

To buy your SPI Health Insurance through Mawazna.com, follow the following guidelines: 

  1. Visit Mawazna.com and click ‘Health Insurance.’
  2. Provide the essential information, including your gender, city, family members to be covered, coverage amount, and coverage type
  3. Click ‘View Quotes’ and compare the available health insurance plans based on your information. 
  4. Review your SPI Health Insurance plans 
  5. Once you select a plan, click ‘Buy Now’ to purchase the SPI Health Insurance plan of your choice 

Who Can Buy SPI Health Insurance?  

SPI Health Insurance can be purchased for any Pakistani citizen aged between 06 months to 75 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions about SPI Health Insurance 

Q: Which is the best plan among SPI Health Insurance plans? 

Answer: You can review the available SPI Health Insurance plans at Mawazna.com and buy the plan of your choice yourself as it depends upon the level of coverages you need.  

Q: How much is my SPI Health Insurance going to cost? 

Answer: You can select the cost of your SPI Health Insurance yourself at Mawazna.com . The more coverages you get, the more premium you will need to pay. 

Q: How can I renew my SPI Health Insurance? 

Answer: To renew your SPI Health Insurance, visit Mawazna.com

Q: How to cancel my SPI Health Insurance? 

Answer: To cancel your SPI Health Insurance, call the insurer and provide your details and reason of cancellation so they can proceed with your request.  

Q: Do my parents need SPI Health Insurance? 

Answer: SPI Health Insurance is comprehensive healthcare protection that you can buy for your parents to cover their medical expenses related to critical injury, hospitalization and other critical illness. 

Q: Is it beneficial for me to buy SPI Health Insurance?

Answer: SPI Health Insurance offers you cashless hospitalization and multiple benefits when admitted to any of its on-panel hospitals. Visit mawazna.com and review all the plans offered by the platform so that you can make a well informed decision.