UBL Zindagi Account

A unique account specially designed for people aged 60 or above to met their banking needs

Minimum Balance Required (Rs)
No Requirement
Minimum Amount Required (Rs)
Daily Withdrawal Limit
Annual Fee
Allowed Monthly Transactions

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  • Features

    - Profit is calculated on monthly basis

    - Enjoy flexibility on transaction every month 

    - Interest rate varies upto 20.50% based on the deposited amount

    - Account specially designed for senior citizens

  • Benefits

    - Profit payment frequency is on monthly basis

    - Free Issuance of debit card and checkbook

    - No hassles to maintain a minimum monthly balance

    - Open your account with just Rs. 100/-


Other Details

  • Best Suitabe For

    Day to day savings

  • Target Age Group

    60 and above

  • Interest Rate / Profit Rate


  • Interest Calculation Frequency


  • Profit Payment Frequency


  • Currency of Account


  • Free ATM / Debit Card?

  • ATM Card Network

    VISA / MasterCard

  • Free Cheque Book?

  • Manage with App?

  • Branch Banking

  • Online Banking?