Meezan Rupee Savings Account

An islamic Riba-free account that provides you halal returns with unlimited daily transactions

Minimum Balance Required (Rs)
No Requirement
Minimum Amount Required (Rs)
Daily Withdrawal Limit
Annual Fee
Allowed Monthly Transactions

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  • Features

    - Profit payment frequency is on monthly basis

    - Enjoy unlimited withdrawals and deposits every month

    - It can be operated by individuals / freelancers or companies

    - An Islamic savings account

  • Benefits

    - Profit is calculated on average daily balance

    - No hassles to maintain a minimum monthly balance

    - On keeping average balance of Rs. 10,000 avail Rs. 1 million Takaful coverage

    - Free chequebook, pay orders internet and mobile banking

  • Eligibility

    Salaried Person / Freelancers: 
    - Age Limit: 18 - 60 years 
    - Documents required: CNIC, Proof of Income

    Self-Employed / Businessmen:
    - Age Limit: 18 - 65 years 
    - Documents required: CNIC, Proof of business, Letter of sole proprietorship / NTN certificate of business

  • FAQ

    A savings account offers the easiest way to keep some of your money aside and earning interest or profit on that amount on regular basis.
    Yes, a savings account just like any other bank account allows you to conduct banking transactions. You also get access to ATM card, cheque book and online banking facility along with a savings account.
    Yes, normally the profit earned through a savings account is taxed at the source and deducted by the Bank before paying the remaining amount to you.
    No, there is no limit and you can withdraw your funds from your account any time. The profit is always paid on the amount that was present in your account during a certain period.

Other Details

  • Best Suitabe For

    Day to day savings

  • Target Age Group

    18 - 65 years 

  • Interest Rate / Profit Rate


  • Interest Calculation Frequency


  • Profit Payment Frequency


  • Currency of Account


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  • ATM Card Network


  • Free Cheque Book?

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