HabibMetro Current Account

An account that is designed for all types of individuals and entities for their diverse banking needs

Minimum Balance Required (Rs)
No Requirement
Minimum Amount Required (Rs)
Daily Withdrawal Limit
Annual Fee
Allowed Monthly Transactions

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  • Features

    - An account that giving you instant access to your fund

    - Unlimited withdrawals and deposits every month

    - Access your account through ATM Card, Online banking and cheque books

    - Service charges may apply as per bank policy

  • Benefits

    - Free bank statement and net banking facility

    - Free Pay orders, and First cheque book

    - Enjoy unlimited funds transfer & withdrawals through ATM

    - No minimum balance requirement for operating an account

Other Details

  • Best Suitabe For

    Day to day transactions

  • Target Age Group

    18 - 70 years 

  • Interest Rate / Profit Rate


  • Interest Calculation Frequency


  • Profit Payment Frequency


  • Currency of Account


  • Free ATM / Debit Card?

  • ATM Card Network

    VISA / PayPak

  • Free Cheque Book?

  • Manage with App?

  • Branch Banking

  • Online Banking?