BOP Current Account

An account that is designed to serve day to day banking needs of individuals and business entities​

Minimum Balance Required (Rs)
No Requirement
Minimum Amount Required (Rs)
Daily Withdrawal Limit
Annual Fee
Allowed Monthly Transactions

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  • Features

    - An account best suitable for government employees, companies and government organizations

    - Enjoy unlimited withdrawals and deposits every month

    - Access your account through ATM Card, Online banking and cheque books

  • Benefits

    - Free bank statement and net banking facility

    - Free Pay orders, and cheque book

    - Enjoy unlimited funds transfer & withdrawals through ATM

    - No minimum balance requirement for operating an account

Other Details

  • Best Suitabe For

    Day to day transactions

  • Target Age Group

    18 - 70 years 

  • Interest Rate / Profit Rate


  • Interest Calculation Frequency


  • Profit Payment Frequency


  • Currency of Account


  • Free ATM / Debit Card?

  • ATM Card Network


  • Free Cheque Book?

  • Manage with App?

  • Branch Banking

  • Online Banking?