Overview of Current Accounts

A current account is the type of account aimed at the individual to maintain its day to day transactions in the realm of fulfilling their banking needs. Current account does not offer any profits on deposited funds. In this account customer can place as much as they want with proper verification of the source of fund. Besides this they can access their funds via online, through ATM and other means to do the needful business. For the ease of the customers and to cater the larger base, current accounts are available in local as well as foreign currencies.  

Key Features of the Current Account  

Key features of the current account are as follows:

- It is a non-profit bearing and chequing account

- It doesn’t deduct zakat, as zakat deductions are not applicable on the current accounts

- It provides its customer statement of accounts semi-annually

- Offers free online and internet banking

- SMS alerts on every transaction to keep you updated

Documents Required for Current Accounts  

Documents required for current account are as follows:

- Original CNIC along with the verified copy

- 2 passport size pictures

- Proof of income

- Copy of a utility bill

Eligibility Criteria for Current Accounts   

Eligibility criteria for current accounts are as follows:

- The individual must be a Pakistani citizen

- The individual must be atleast18 years old.