What affects your broadband speed in different types of connections?

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There are certain factors that have a greater impact on your broadband speed that you cannot control them. These factors are linked more with the infrastructure of your broadband service providers. Mostly, broadband providers in Pakistan claim fastest internet speed (after the 4G introduction) but in reality, some of those fail to fulfill their promise because of some defects or lacking in their infrastructure.

We have identified factors that affect your broadband speed in different types of connections listed below:

Home Broadband

The home broadband connection suffers because of the infrastructure of your broadband service provider. That’s why you see scenarios where one service provider performs amazingly well in one area and fails completely in another locality of the same city.

Actually, the distance between the telephone exchange and your home affects the broadband speed. For fiber optic dealers, the distance between your home and street cabinet has the same result. The reason is that copper-based telephone lines (in DSL services) cannot provide reliable speed as the distance increases. The rural areas have much slower speed than in urban locations for the same reason.

Mobile broadband

Similar to the home broadband, mobile broadband providers suffer a lot due to infrastructural lapses. Depending on the mobile broadband network, if there are too many people using the internet in the same location then the speed will be slower for each user. Also, mobile broadband speed will be weak inside the house as the walls serve as a hindrance to the signals of mobile broadband.

Satellite broadband

Satellite broadband is relatively new in Pakistan and its signals take time to initiate the internet connection but once the connection is established then the speed is usually great. However, it takes a considerable amount of time in the beginning. Also, in instances of heavy rain or snow, the satellite broadband connections are greatly impacted. It is just like trying to watch satellite TV during heavy rain or storm kind of weather.