What internet speed is right for you?

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Speed is an important factor that can have a huge impact on your satisfaction with a broadband provider and the monthly bill. You can avail internet speed as low as 256 Kbps and as high as 200Mbps. Fast internet speed means no problem during peak hours, smooth service even when too many people are using the same connection, streaming videos, playing online games, attending conference calls and watching HD videos etc.

However, if you know your exact usage then you can save a substantial amount of money every month which you would otherwise waste on your broadband bill. Let us give you a few examples that may explain the right internet speed for you;

A house with 5 residents with full-fledged professional life

A house with 5 residents, three of them has an office job while two likes working from home. The guys who work from home are constantly online on multiple devices. They conduct conference calls, freshen up their minds by watching online videos or playing online games. The other three guys with jobs like to chill out by downloading movies, online gaming, live streaming, and online shopping etc.

This house requires 20 Mbps connection at least as there are too many devices are connected simultaneously and all users can be categorized as heavy users.

A family of 5 members

A family of 5 where a mother is a stay-at-home member and has a small online business, father works in an office and three teenage kids are obsessed with their gadgets. First of all, this family may have too many devices connected at the same time. Secondly, most members are using the internet heavily. Kids can be into online gaming and downloading movies and TV shows all the time. The mother may need to make video calls once in a while. And the father may enjoy watching videos online after a long day at work.

This family needs 10-12 Mbps speed broadband connection since they are power users who require speed and flawless service throughout the day.

A working couple in a house

The couple spent their entire day in the office. They come back home and connect their devices. After a busy day of work, they usually don’t use their laptops, but it can happen once in a while. Mostly it is their smartphones and smart TVs for binge watching their favorite shows, or they may engage online for online shopping needs.

We assume 6-8 Mbps speed connection is fair enough for such usage scenario since they are not heavy users, but still using the internet during peak hours and streaming videos.