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Personal Health Insurance

Get the health insurance coverage for an individual that pays for the agreed medical expenses in case of any emergency medical treatments and hospitalization.

Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance covearge protects you and your family from unforseen health care related expenses arising from emergency medical treatments and hospitaliation.

Get Hospitalization Coverage

Health insurance protects you against any unforseen healthcare related expenses incured i.e. from hospitalization for up-to PKR 5000,000 based on your selected plan.

Get Critical Illness Coverage

Live a life free of risk of paying heavy amounts against any unforseen critical illness related medical expenses such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Paralysis or Kidney Failure etc.

Conventional & Takaful Plans

Select a health insurance plan matching with your needs either a conventional health insurance plan or islamic health insurance / Takaful plan.

Countrywide Panel Hospital Network

Avail best healthcare services from country-wide panel hospital network including Pakistan's leading hospitals to help you with emergency medical treatments.

Make Cashless Payments in Hospitals

Get seamless health care services at no cost and make cashless payments in network hospitals by showing your Health insurance card.

Get Annual Coverage

Get your whole year covered for yourself and your family with health insurance by paying an annual premium only.

Buy Online

Choose a health insurance plan at Mawazna.com matching with your medical care and budget needs and pay online to get your plan issued as soon as possible.

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides you coverage against all possible risks related to healthcare expenses. It includes hospitalization expenses, pre, and post-hospitalization expenses, medical prescription & drug expenses, cost of medical tests, surgical procedures and critical illness. You can also opt for optional coverages such as maternity benefits, and dental cover for yourself or your family. It ranges from Rs.50,000 to up to 1 million rupees. It provides you peace of mind by covering hospital expenses through cashless payments. You have to show your health card at the time of admission to a hospital.

A health insurance policy requires you to pay a premium in advance. It offers limited or comprehensive coverage of medical assistance as well. Its benefits might be for a particular type of medical service or reimbursement for a specified medical cost. You can buy personal or Family health insurance according to your needs.

What is Covered by Health Insurance in Pakistan?

Health insurance is essential to cover your hospitalization expenses whenever needed. A health insurance policy covers significant areas of health expenses, including financial assistance in the following categories:

  • Medical Expenses: annual coverage amount ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,000,000, daily room limit,ambulance expense, I.C.U. Room, pre and post-hospitalization, M.R.I., CT Scan, Endoscopy, and Thallium scan and tests, both network hospital and outside network hospitals, medicines, operation theatre charges, ventilator, international emergency expenses.
  • Critical Illnesses: Cancer (leukemia and malignant diseases), Open Chest (coronary angiography, coronary bypass surgery), Heart Attack (chest pain), Stroke (infraction of the brain, hemorrhage, cerebrovascular incident) and Organ Transplant (lung, kidney, pancreas, heart, liver, small bowel).
  • For women: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, fallopian tube cancer, paralysis, uterine or endometrial cancer, maternity cover (optional).
  • Online doctor consultations. [optional]
  • Coverage for senior citizens, including post-discharge Care.
  • Coverage of accidental healthcare expenses. However, accidental death and funeral expenses are optional.

What is Not Covered by a General Health Insurance Plan?

A health insurance plan is designed to cover all your medical expenses in case of a health emergency. Usually, companies do not cover critical illnesses. However, you can get a spate plan to cover these illnesses:

  • Critical Illnesses: Cancer (prostate cancer stage one, any malignant tumor, basal and squamous cell carcinoma), (Heart Attack: silent myocardial infarction, Non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, other acute coronary syndromes), and Stroke (traumatic injury of the brain, lacunar strokes without neurological deficit, transient ischemic attacks).
  • Deliberate self-inflicted wound, infections like HIV-AIDS, death within 30 days in case of misuse of the drug.
  • Pregnancy or childbirth disease, dental treatments (except accidental dental treatment), injury resulting from riots, terrorism, and war, hormones replacement therapy.

You can check your existing health insurance policy of what illnesses it is not covering. Therefore, Mawazna.com suggests you review your policy comprehensively when buying it.

Why is Health Insurance Important for Yourself and Your Family?

Health is the greatest blessing for humankind, and you need to maintain it to avoid uncertainty. Today, humans are fighting multiple challenges related to health. Various diseases are born from contaminated water, environment, spoiled food, and bad eating and sleeping habits. In addition to this, the increasing costs of medical treatments can be a considerable challenge for you. To protect your health and cover your medical expenses, you need health insurance. A health insurance policy is crucial for protecting your Family and beating medical treatment inflation.

You can get healthcare insurance in the market quickly, and here are some of the most important reasons why you need health insurance:

  1. When you are looking for health insurance, you can get family health insurance to safeguard your loved ones. Your aging parents or children vulnerable to illness can be treated with ease under a health insurance cover.
  2. Health insurance is vital to cover your hospitalization expenses. It provides you peace of mind when you have to focus on the treatment instead of arranging cash to cover your costs. Today, you look for the best services in a hospital, and health insurance can land you at the town's best hospital.
  3. Health insurance provides you with cover for critical illnesses, and you can get them treated without any financial worries.
  4. Medical insurance is vital to fight lifestyle diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and respiratory problems. Such conditions are more prominent under the age of 45 and are rampant in younger people. You need to invest in a health care plan to take care of your medical expenses.
  5. It is essential to consider your health insurance policy. You need to protect yourself and your loved ones in case of any illness. If you already have a cheap health insurance policy that might not cover the expenses, it is the right time to revise it and invest more in it.
  6. With rising inflation, medical treatments have also increased in the country. It would help if you had an individual health care plan to cover all kinds of medical care costs.
  7. Health insurance provides you relief from covering the expenses arising from an unforeseen illness, leading to mental and financial stress.
  8. At a young age having a health insurance policy is equally important as you move mostly and physically exposed to certain risky situations.

Benefits of Buying a Health Insurance

Getting health insurance coverage has multiple befits for you in Pakistan. It covers all your medical expenses and ensures peace of mind. However, the benefits you will receive depends on the type of policy you have selected. On the other hand, the increasing medical costs have made it difficult for everyone to get the right medical care at the right time. The following are some of the key benefits that a health insurance policy can assure:

  • The key benefit of a health insurance policy is that it covers your hospitalization expenses in cashless payment. You need not be worried about arranging quick cash, as you have to show your insurance card and get the treatment.
  • You can get maternity health insurance for your peace of mind
  • You can increase your health insurance coverage whenever you want to or if required.
  • It makes it easy for you to get an appointment with the doctor from approved medical centers and hospitals.
  • Under a health insurance policy, you can select your preferred consultant, hospital, and room without paying hefty fees.
  • It protects you from rising medical inflation, and you need not wait for a long time and instead get treated a lot quicker.

Mawazna.com helps you land the right health insurance provider that best suits your expectations.

Types of Health Insurance Plans Available in Pakistan

The insurance companies working in Pakistan offer a wide range of health insurance plans to people. The following are the most important types of health insurance policies you can avail in the country:

  1. Personal Healthcare Insurance: this type of insurance covers all medical expenses personally.
  2. Family Healthcare Insurance: you can get this type of insurance to cover all medical costs of your loved ones that include your spouse and children.
  3. Lifestyle Care Insurance: it covers costs of diseases incurred in critical injuries such as Cardiac Arrest, Open Bypass Surgeries, Stroke and Paralysis, Cancer Treatments, Transplants, and Organ Failures.
  4. Healthcare Insurance for Parents: this type of insurance is designated to cover your parents' health expenses.
  5. Her Care Insurance: to cover the costs of injuries related to women's health, you can buy this type of insurance.

You can get all these health insurance policies in the country. In addition to this, you can get conventional and Takaful plans. For further details about health insurance types, you can visit Mawazna.com, the leading digital platform, to get all the information about health insurance. Here, you can compare insurance providers' health insurance plans and select the best policy for yourself.

Things You Should Consider While Buying a Health Insurance Plan

Buying the right type of health insurance policy is essential. When you are looking for a plan for individual healthcare or parents healthcare, these critical factors are necessary to consider:

  • Go for a more straightforward claim process for faster settlements.
  • You need to consider your Family's medical history before buying any health insurance policy.
  • When buying a health insurance policy, you need to select the amount wisely, as it covers your medical expenses for the designated time.
  • You need to select the Network of hospitals carefully in your city. You should avoid setting hospitals that are far away from your location.
  • Consider maternity benefits at the time of selecting your health insurance policy.
  • It would help if you opted for a policy that offers free medical check-ups.
  • It would help if you bought a health insurance policy that offers lifetime renewability.

You can visit Mawazna.com to get the guidelines related to essential factors while selecting any health insurance plan in Pakistan.

Role of Your Personal Information to derive the Premium of Health Insurance

Your personal information plays a crucial role in buying health insurance in Pakistan. You need to provide accurate information and share the current medical conditions with the insurer to get the best health coverage. All this information helps an Insurer calculate the right premium for your package. Your age also helps to derive the premium rate.

At Mawazna.com, we have leading health insurance providers such as Jubilee Health Insurance and T.P.L. Life Health Insurance. You can select the health insurance policy of your choice from the available insurers.

If this is not possible then the second option is to pay for the treatment yourself and then claim the expenses by submitting the relevant receipts should your insurance company allow you to. Therefore, it is important that you keep all receipts and submit them in an orderly way so that it makes your claim even easier.

How to Reimburse the Medical Expenses for My Health Insurance?

When you are fighting an injury or illness, a health insurance plan plays its role in covering the costs. However, you can reimburse the medical expenses for your health insurance in the following two conditions:

  1. You can use an insured card to get your treatment at an approved hospital through a cash-free transaction.
  2. You can pay your medical expenses yourself and provide the relevant receipts to your insurer for reimbursement.

Mawazna.com is the leading digital marketplace and a comparison platform in Pakistan. You can get all the necessary information related to your health insurance plan.

Selecting the Best Health Insurance Policy

Mawazna.com is the rapidly growing digital insurance marketplace and a comparison platform where you get a wide range of insurance products. Health insurance is one of the most important types of insurance policies people buy in Pakistan. We at Mawazna.com help you compare health insurance policies offered by the leading insurers in the country. Here, you can instantly get your health insurance policy without the hassles of visiting the insurer. You can compare multiple insurance policies through the following easy steps:

  1. Log in to www.mawazna.com.
  2. Access the Health Insurance product from the landing page.
  3. Provide all the information that includes your gender, city, family members to be covered, and the coverage amount.
  4. Select the coverage type you are looking for: hospitalization and critical illness.
  5. Click "View Quotes" for the comparison.
  6. Now view all the available health insurance policy options offered by the leading health insurance companies in Pakistan. You can compare their prices, coverages side by side and select the one you would like to go with.
  7. Now share your necessary details and make an online payment. You will get your health insurance policy arranged by Mawazna.com instantly if a product is stated as instant policy issuance. Otherwise, your policy shall be arranged in 1-2 days by the insurer.

Health Insurance offered by Leading Health Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Mawazna.com partners with Pakistan's leading insurance companies to bring the most innovating and reward health insurance product. You can review and compare all the leading health insurance plans under one roof and select the best plan for yourself. The following is the list of insurance policies offered by leading health insurance companies in the country:

    Jubilee Health Insurance

    Jubilee general insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Pakistan offering you the best health insurance policies for all your individual and family healthcare needs through the following plans:

    • Jubilee Personal HealthCare Insurance
    • Jubilee Family Health Care Insurance
    • Jubilee Lifestyle Care Insurance
    • Jubilee Parents Care Insurance
    • Jubilee HerCare Insurance

    To buy Jubilee Health Insurance, visit the Mawazna Health Insurance comparison platform.

    TPL Health Insurance

    TPL Health Insurance is offered under its Sehat Zindagi product, which includes multiple health insurance plans for individual and family health insurance needs. The plans are as following:

    • Aram Plan
    • Salamati Plan
    • Aafiyat Plan
    • Rahat Plan
    • Tahafuz Plan

    To buy any of the above TPL Health Insurance, visit the Mawazna Health Insurance comparison platform.

    Pak Qatar Health Takaful

    It provides comprehensive health takaful (islamic insurance product called Family Sehat) policies to people in Pakistan. The product is targeted for individual health, family health and corporate health needs. To buy Pak Qatar Health Takaful, visit the Mawazna Health Insurance comparison platform.

    Askari Health Insurance

    Askari Health Insurance eases your financial burden when of an unexpected health crisis. Askari divides its health insurance into four categories, which are:

    • Askari ASK Family: health insurance product focused on you and your Family members
    • Askari ASK Care: A product focused on critical illness
    • A.S.H.A. - Askari Student Health Advantage for Student, a health insurance products focused on studen
    • Askari Group Health: Health insurance including OPD coverage product focused on health insurance of Employers and their employees

    To buy Askari Health Insurance, visit the Mawazna Health Insurance comparison platform.

    Salaam Micro Health Takaful

    Salaam Takaful is one of the leading sharia compliant health takaful provider in Pakistan. To buy Salaam Micro Health Takaful products, visit Mawazna Health Insurance comparison Platform.

    SPI Health Insurance

    SPI Health Insurance is designed to cover all the expenses related to hospitalization. It offers optional Maternity Coverage, Out-patient Coverage, Accidental Death Coverage, and multiple core benefits. To buy SPI Health Insurance, visit the Mawazna Health Insurance comparison platform.