The Role of Financial Services Comparison Platform in Pakistan

Digital services are growing rapidly in Pakistan. Let’s take a look at how the use of a comparison marketplace can influence decision making when it comes to choosing the best financial services.


The world of digital is expanding and technology is maturing – especially in countries like Pakistan. With only 1.3% of the Pakistani population having access to the Internet in 2001, this number has grown to 6.5% by 2006 and 10% by 2012. Today, more than 30 million people in Pakistan browse the Internet.
The rise in digital services usage also brings with it access to improved platforms. People now turn to the Internet to find information, learn new skills and use comparison websites to make important decisions. This also makes certain purchases easier for families to consider. Essential products like financial services are now being actively compared online and people can make informed decisions. This leads to better product choices and benefits for families.

For example, life and health insurance products are on the rise in Pakistan. While just 5.9% of the population had life insurance in 2006, more than 7.8% now have life insurance – more than 13 million people. In simple terms, the amount of people having life insurances currently doubles every 10 years in Pakistan. This leads to the importance of a reliable comparison platform for insurance and other financial products.
Financial products like bank accounts, credit cards, loans and insurance products can be compared to each other, to allow you to choose one that will suit your unique needs. You can read reviews, see a list of important features, and find out why a specific product is better than any other in just a matter of few minutes.


The Benefits of a Comparison Marketplace

A comparison marketplace offers many benefits. You no longer have to struggle with information gathering from various sources and making a decision based on a gut feel or a one-sided recommendation of a representative. You’ll have access to important information – all in the comfort of your own home. If you need a loan or credit card, compare the different rates, benefits and requirements. If you want a new broadband connection for your home, compare prices, services and service requirements before you sign up. And this is only a few examples of what a digital comparison platform can do. With price comparison websites, you can:

  1. Get basic details and facts on a variety of products
  2. View a number of positive features
  3. Read honest reviews
  4. Compare prices before you decide to buy with a matter of few clicks

But comparison websites are not only beneficial for families looking for the best financial products. Various SMEs, business intermediaries such as Brokers and underwriters can also use these platforms to gain additional leads and information on popular products. It decreases the time you have to spend comparing services on your own and also receiving the leads. is a leading financial services comparison platform that allows customers in Pakistan to make informed decisions when choosing financial products. Visit us online to compare banking, insurance and broadband products effectively.

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