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Askari General Insurance Product Review

Askari General Insurance is a Double A minus (AA-) rated insurance company serving the insurance needs of consumers in Pakistan. The company’s operations are also ISO 9001:2008 certified. Askari General Insurance offers a number of insurance products to both retail and business customers. However, the focus of this article is to highlight their retail products including motor insurance, health insurance and travel insurance.


Motor Insurance

Askari General Insurance offers three forms of vehicle insurance known as Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Private Comprehensive and Motorcycle Insurance.


1- Commercial Vehicle insurance is aimed at helping businesses to remain protected from any financial costs that can be incurred with accident loss or damage along with third party liability, personal injury, death and property damage.


2- Private Comprehensive insurance is a crucial form of cover if you own a car. This type of cover will provide complete peace of mind and will protect customers should they find themselves in a number of situations. Private comprehensive insurance offers a number of different plans that are tailored to each individual and all transactions within garages across the country will not require cash. They have support when clients need it around the clock and when a claim is made, it is handled efficiently. You can compare these products according to your needs at mawazna.com and contact our team at Mawazna to buy your private comprehensive car insurance.


3- Motorcycle insurance is there to provide protection for motorcycles involved in minor or major accidents along with theft. Motorcycles are protected from loss or damage which can include theft, fire or even floods. Third party will cover property damage as well as injury of a third party person. There is also a possibility to enhance the cover by adding personal accident cover.


Health Insurance

Askari General Insurance offers a number of health insurance plans including Student Healthcare (A.S.H.A), Group Healthcare (Askari Group Health), Family Healthcare (Ask Family) and Critical Illness cover (ASK Care). Consumers can review and compare these plans including their premium prices online at mawazna.com and can choose one that fits their needs and circumstances.


1- The Student Health (A.S.H.A) cover offers a number of packages that offer different levels of cover. The cover ranges from PKR 1,800 per annum to PKR 3,600 per annum. Depending on the level of cover taken will depend on the total amount of cover they have for the facilities and coverages such as the cost of staying in hospital, pre and post hospitalization expenses, room entitlement and panel hospital facility etc.


2- Group Health (Askari Group Health) is aimed at employers offering employees health cover as part of an employment package. This will cover the cost of out-patients, surgery, hospitalization, maternity and even dread diseases. All employees up to 60 years old are covered as well as spouses up to the age of 25. It is then possible to add benefits as the client sees fit such as hospitalisation, maternity dread disease and even dental cover.


3- Family Healthcare (ASK Family): Everyone wants their family to have access to great medical care when they need it and that is what ASK Family is all about. This is eligible for citizens up to 55 years old and it is also suitable for single parents. This cover is aimed at families with two legal spouse and two children which also includes adopted children. It provides access to 150 hospitals around the country and the policy comes with a cashless system which means care can be accessed without any payment being required.


4- Critical Illness Cover (ASK Care) is all about providing cover for a number of critical illnesses such as bypass surgeries, stroke, cancer, organ transplants and major burns to name but a few. The cover comes in the form of a number of packages such as Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 3, Plan 4 all of which offer different levels of cover for different amounts and can be reviewed online at Mawazna. The costly the plan, the more cover that is in place. This insurance is purely aimed at removing the strain of the costs associated with recovering from these illnesses.


Travel Insurance

As much fun as travel can be, illness and injury can hit at any time and that is why it is important to have Travel Insurance in place. There are five plans on offer here by Askari General Insurance, Economy, Schengen, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can review, compare and buy these plans online at Mawazna.com. Each plan comes at a different price with Economy being the cheapest and the Platinum plan being the most expensive. Where Economy plans provide coverage when traveling for Umrah, Hajj, and Ziarat purposes. Schengen plans are used to provide coverage for traveling to Schengen countries. Silver, Gold and Platinum packages can be used to have coverage for worldwide travel and are commonly used. In addition to specific destination coverages, all offer a different level of cover that includes Medical expenses, loss of Passport, Emergency dental care, loss of baggage, Cancellation and delivery of medicine. The list is extensive but the travel insurance is there to protect you and anyone else who may be traveling with you.


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