A review of Optix Broadband Plans offered in Pakistan

Optix broadband

Optix is a relatively new broadband provider in Pakistan but the company is certainly making great strides in offering the people of Pakistan, broadband that they can rely on. The company is offering ultrafast fiber optic broadband service using fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology to the homes in Karachi and Lahore. The internet connection is fast enough (up to 60 Mbps download speed) for users to download, upload, watch videos, and listen to the music and playing games. This is fast enough to power a number of devices around the home without it skipping a beat. The following are some of the aspects to be taken care when choosing Optix broadband products.


Speed and usage

Not everyone wants access to extremely fast broadband because they simply do not need it. However, there are those who require superfast speeds because of the way in which they use it and that is why Optix has a package to suit everyone. The company has looked to cover every base and that proves that they understand what their users need. This has resulted in them creating three different types of broadband groups.

1- Switch:

The first is known as Switch. Under this comes three packages that offer 2Mbps for PKR. 1,850 a month, 4Mbps for PKR. 1,999 a month and 10Mbps for PKR. 2,199 a month. All of these packages come with a one-time charge of PKR. 4,999 and installation will be completed in 15 days but the great news is that there is no cap on the amount of data that can be used.

2- Overdrive:

The second group of packages is known as Overdrive and the speeds on offer here are considerably higher than the cheaper package but this is more than likely going to satisfy the broadband needs of most users, particularly the fast package in this group. Starting at 15Mbps this will cost PKR. 2,599, the next package is 20Mbps which costs PKR 2,999 while the top package of this group costs PKR 3,299 although this will provide speeds of 24Mbps. All of this comes with unlimited data usage and a one-time charge of PKR. 4,999.

3- Hyperboost:

The final group of packages are known as Hyperboost and these speeds are incredibly fast, enabling homeowners to do what they want and more. The first package in this group offers speeds of 32Mbps for PKR. 4,299, 40Mbps for 4,999 and 60Mbps for PKR. 6,899. Once again, there is a one-time charge of PKR 4,999 and no limit on the amount of data you can use.


Call and TV Add-ons

Many people who opt to have broadband at home will also require a call plan and telephone line. For those who choose to have broadband with Optix they will be pleased to know that they can also add a call plan onto their broadband package for an additional fee. The fee to add a call plan is PKR. 150 and this will provide users with a package that has multiple uses. Similarly, users can opt-in for additional TV installation (PKR 1,000) however first TV installation is free included with the packages.


Value for money

In comparison to other broadband providers out there it seems as though Optix have attempted to cover a wide selection of the market. This is reflected in their prices and ability to offer something for everyone. The lowest priced package is good value for money while at the top end of their packages their prices are also competitive when it is considered what is on offer. Of course, different users have different needs and this will determine just how competitive their prices really are when compared but on the whole users will benefit from a service that offers solid speeds at a price that will be hard to beat.


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