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A credit card is a very useful tool for a number of reasons. You could be paying for goods in local stores, dining in restaurants, paying for online shopping, clearing your pending bills, making unexpected payments, or paying for any other fee or services online. Pakistan is on its way towards achieving a high rate of financial inclusion in every aspect of people’s lives ensuring that people have easy access to finance, credit, cashless transactions etc. This article summarizes some of the key elements of HBL Credit Cards in Pakistan.


Credit cards play a significant role in a cashless economy. They are the ideal choice for those who require a way of making daily purchases or paying for larger, higher priced goods or services along with a flexibility to pay the money back as per their convenience. It also helps to build your credit rating. Despite the need for a credit card, everyone should consider the options available to them because there are many different credit cards on offer by HBL in Pakistan. Finding the right card means identifying a card that works for you and you circumstances. Take a look at our platform mawazna.com to view all of the credit cards that are offered by HBL in Pakistan.


What HBL Credit Cards are On Offer?

 HBL offer a number of credit cards and each one seems made for different customer segments:

1- HBL Platinum Credit Card

2- HBL Gold Credit Card

3- HBL Green Credit Card

4- HBL Fuel Saver Credit Cards


What Do These Cards Offer?
1- HBL Platinum Credit Card

The HBL Platinum Credit Card has been designed for a number of purposes offering you a complementary lifestyle services. It is ideal for those who plan to use it in Pakistan or when travelling to enjoy ultra-luxury and premium class services. It also comes with a very wide range of rewards and discounts. These benefits make it possible to enjoy all that this card has to offer and this includes complimentary access to international airport lounges, increased reward points and offers relating to shopping and dining. The ability to pay later for anything you purchase is also a bonus while the card is accepted around the world making spending on a sensible level even more accessible. There is a basic annual fee of Rs. 10,000 and you will also need to pay Rs. 5,000 for a supplementary card (as of July 1st, 2017).


2- HBL Gold Credit Card

HBL Gold Credit Card provides flexibility and are great for those who want to live a full lifestyle and spend on their card in a safe and sensible way. You get free CIP lounge access and a range of lifestyle rewards and benefits including exclusive offers at partner stores and restaurants. The card is acceptable across the world so you can have a stress free shopping experience wherever you go.  There is a basic annual fee of Rs. 6,000 and you pay Rs. 3,000 for a supplementary card (as of July 1st, 2017).


3- HBL Green Credit Card

HBL Green Credit Card offers pretty much similar shopping experience and services except that the reward points and some of the benefits on offer with HBL Green Credit Card are less than HBL Gold Credit Card. You can always select based on your needs as to which one matches more with your circumstances. However both HBL Gold and Green Credit Cards offer a wide of rewards related to electronics, travelling benefits, insurance, dinning out, and other lifestyle shopping needs. These cards come with some excellent discounts such as up to 25% off dining as well as large discounts on fashion, fitness, health and hotels as well as golf and groceries. There is a basic annual fee of Rs. 6,000 and you pay Rs. 3,000 for a supplementary card (as of July 1st, 2017).


 4- HBL Fuel Saver Credit Cards

HBL Fuel Saver Credit Cards are ideal for those who use their credit card to pay for their fuel purchases on regular basis as there is 5% and 3% cashback on transactions made using Gold and Green Fuel Saver Credit Cards respectively. Which makes paying for fuel even cheaper. This can save you as much as Rs 2,000 every month based on your monthly spend on fuel.

Since, there are two Fuel cards available known as Gold and Green. The Gold card pays 5% cashback while the green card pays 3% although the monthly fees differ. The annual fee for the Green card is Rs. 3,000 while the Gold is Rs. 6,000 (as of July 1st, 2017). The card you choose will depend on how much you spend and whether the monthly charge is feasible. Regardless of how you look at it, this is a credit card that is ideal for those who like to pay off their fuel bill on time each month but also earn cashback while doing so.


What Does it Mean?

HBL offer a number of credit cards that are designed to suit a number of requirements matching with different customer segments. Online banking puts account holders in control of their payments and spending and that is always a crucial point when looking for a card. The provider has designed these cards offering customers an easy way to purchase goods and earn a number of rewards. If people use their credit card to pay for fuel then why not choose the HBL Fuel Saver Credit Card or if people enjoy dining or staying in hotels then the HBL Gold and Green Credit Card will provide you with the right rewards to take advantage of. However, it is important to compare all credit cards offered by the banks & financial intuitions in Pakistan using the Mawazna comparison platform. Mawazna provides you an opportunity to compare all best & top credit cards offered in pakistan. This will enable you to find out which cards suit you best so you can make an informed decision.


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