Money Saving Tips When Getting a Car Loan in Pakistan

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When the time comes to purchase a new car, you may be wondering how you will afford to find the money to make the purchase. A car is an important part of our lives whether it is used for work or personal reasons, the independence it offers is brilliant and that means that you really need one.


Not many people can afford to make the purchase with cash because cars are simply too expensive and so, they turn to car loans offered by Pakistani banks. To find the best loan available it is worth taking a look around so you can compare car loans. There are many deals available and it can seem like a bit of a mine field but using our comparison site will enable you to find the best deals instantly.


How can you save money when searching for the best car loan rates?

1- Compare –  This is the most obvious way to save money when searching for the best car loans in Pakistan. In Pakistan, banks such as MCB, Askari Commercial Bank, Bank Islami and Faysal Bank are competing for your business and this means they try to offer better deals than their competitors. Through running a comparison, you will be able to see what deals are available to you and how much it is going to cost. This will save you time but it will also save you money because you will instantly be able to identify the cheapest deals.


2- Borrow less – You may have a specific car in mind but can you really afford it and do you need to stretch yourself to spend that amount every month? By borrowing less, your payments will be slashed instantly and it will mean that you are less of a risk to the banks which means you could even find a better deal than you found previously.


3- Borrow over a longer period – The quicker you pay your loan back the better but if you have a car in mind that you want and the price is a little over budget each month try taking the loan out for a longer period. This will bring the payments down but be aware that you will be more interest.


4- Choose the cheapest deal – As mentioned, comparing deals is the best way to save money but if your bank offers the second lowest rate, do not feel inclined to use them. You won’t save money by being loyal so decide to make your money work harder by choosing the cheapest option available.


The importance of making the right decision

Taking your time to make the right decision when it comes to comparing loans will ensure that you get the most from your situation. It will also mean that you are not overstretching yourself from a financial perspective and that in itself will give you complete peace of mind. Comparing car loans is the first place to start because that will give you control over understanding the costs, the rates and how much you can afford and that gives you the ability to make an informed decision. Happy searching. is a leading financial services comparison platform in Pakistan that enables consumers to make more informed decisions when choosing financial products and services including car loans. Visit us online to compare banking (bank accounts, car loan, personal loan, and credit cards), insurance (car insurance, travel insurance, and health insurance) and broadband products to make more informed decisions.


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