Mawazna adds Health Insurance Comparison Product to its Comparison Portfolio

Mawazna health insurance comparison

Dealing with health related matters and frequent payments for such expenses is a key part of almost every person and his family. Having a health insurance will provide coverage for such unexpected expenses and enables individuals and their loved ones to better deal with such matters without worrying about the cost involved.


Mawazna understands that health insurance can play a key role in individual’s lifestyle these days. Therefore has recently offered its Health Insurance Comparison product in addition to various other comparison services already being offered. Customers can now come online and compare various health insurance plans offered by leading providers of Pakistan. All plans provide a comprehensive list of detail coverages offered by a plan. In Pakistan, the health insurance coverage is mostly offered for Hospitalization purposes that mostly covers inpatient charges.


Currently, Mawazna is partnering with Crescent Start Insurance Limited (CSIL) however in the near future several other leading providers (insurance companies) will also be added to its portfolio. Customers can contact through ‘Contact Us’ form and Mawazna team can get back in touch instantly with customers to confirm the product and all the details. Mawazna, and its Partner Providers then work together to issue the policy for a customer as requested by them. The facility is provided to customers as a hassle free experience when buying their health insurance plans provided by leading insurance companies in Pakistan. Visit the following link at Mawazna to review and select a health insurance plan that fit your needs.

Mawazna Health Insurance Comparison

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Team Mawazna

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