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When buying a loan product in Pakistan, you need to compare different products and options. Let’s take a look at how you can effectively compare products and choose the best one for your specific needs.


With so many different loan products available, it’s often hard to know which one will suit your needs. From personal loans and car loans to SME business loans and home loans – the options are plenty. That’s why consumers in Pakistan have found it difficult in recent years to choose the right product. The National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) was launched in 2015. The goal of this program is to give financial access to at least 50% of adult consumers in Pakistan. This means that more and more people will have access to banking products and loans.


Choosing a Loan Product

Applying for a personal loan, for example, can be quite complicated, but you can nevertheless do this online. You’ll need to provide your personal details in order to be assessed, which some people find challenging. Just like home loans or business loans, applying to multiple service providers may result in your personal information being sent to numerous departments.

Another reason is that people are often caught unexpectedly by hidden costs when they have a loan product to repay. This is mainly due to not having sufficient information when they’ve compared products and chosen a specific one. Access to information is very important with any banking or loan product.

By knowing which product is right for you, you’ll reduce the process to only one loan application.

Spending time on various different loan products and comparing them manually is not always an option for consumers. It can also be difficult to find all the information you need from a specific product, which is why online platforms have significantly increased in popularity recently.


Using an Online Comparison Platform

With the ability to compare multiple products simultaneously, online comparison platforms like Mawazna.com are ideal for consumers. It gives them the ability to view important information on each loan product and help them decide which product will suit that individual needs best. By comparing loan products, you can benefit by:


– Looking at comparative rates

– Looking at qualification criteria

– Viewing special features and benefits of a product

– Finding popular loan providers in Pakistan

– Choosing the right loan amount

With Mawazna, you can easily compare different loan products and analyze their features and important information. This is especially important since you need to know about any hidden costs and other relevant details that will affect your payments. You can compare popular products side-by-side and make informed decisions that will support your financial future.

Mawazna.com is a leading services comparison platform that allows consumers in Pakistan to choose the best loan product for their individual needs. Visit us online to compare a selection of loans, banking, insurance, broadband products and more.

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