Key Challenges Consumers Face Today to Compare Broadband Products in Pakistan

Broadband has enjoyed significant growth in Pakistan; but how do consumers find the best product? Let’s take a look at the challenges facing consumers and how a comparison platform such as provides the solution.


Ever since broadband was introduced in Pakistan in 2001, this service has enjoyed significant growth. Broadband was enjoyed by less than 3% of users and this jumped to 12% in 2012. Today, millions of people in Pakistan enjoys 3G/4G technology on a daily basis.

As of early 2016, there are more than 25 million broadband subscribers in Pakistan. Data usage also increased almost six times from 2015 to 2016. This means that there is a great demand for broadband data in Pakistan. As such, it has become essential for consumers to be able to compare different services to choose the best solution for their unique needs.


Comparing Broadband Services

There are many broadband service providers to choose from. Whether you are considering signing up with Wateen, Comsats, Qubee or any other service provider, you need to know what the benefits of each are. That’s why it can be quite difficult to choose the right service without any background knowledge.

Since broadband is rapidly growing, there are many service providers out there and even more products to choose from. This makes the choice even harder, which is why consumers need an easy way to compare broadband services in their area. People don’t necessarily want the most popular product, but rather one that meets their lifestyle and budget needs.

Comparing broadband services manually is not always easy. It can be time-consuming, especially if you need to make endless phone calls, speak to representatives or drive around to different service centers. That’s why people need to use digital comparison platforms. Such platforms offer more consumers access to the information they need to make informed decisions.


How Digital Comparison Platforms Can Help

A digital comparison platform such as Mawazna has many benefits to offer consumers looking for broadband services. Firstly you’ll get all the necessary details regarding the features and specification on offer at one place along with the prices, not biased opinions from sales reps. This means you can get the right information when you need to choose a service provider.

– When you want to compare broadband services, you can use a digital comparison platform to:

– Get pricing information on a variety of service options

– View features like network speed, data limits, and special offers

– Compare monthly charges

– View user ratings

– Choose between services like wireless, 3G/4G and more

Before the popularity of digital platforms, these features and comparisons were not available to everyone. People made decisions based on what they were told and this has led to many consumers making the wrong broadband product choice. This is why platforms like this are essential to consumers in Pakistan and across the globe – to help them get all the information they need – online. is a growing broadband services comparison platform that allows customers in Pakistan to make informed decisions when choosing the best broadband service. Visit us online to compare broadband, banking, insurance products and more.

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