Crescent Star Insurance: Key Elements You Need to Know about their General Insurance Products

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Crescent Star Insurance Limited is rated as Single-A minus (A-) insurance company operating in Pakistan with a paid up capital of Rs 621 million. They have a vast experience of providing general retail insurance coverages which includes Car Insurance, Health Insurance and Travel Insurance apart from other insurance products. The company is also listed in Pakistan stock exchange. They have a solid reputation that makes them one of the more prominent insurance companies in Pakistan. It has a wide customer base due to the way in which it provides low cost insurance cover and continues to perform in a way that enhances customer confidence.


Car Insurance – Car Aasan Plans

The car insurance product on offer ensures that all bases are covered and this makes it a great choice. They have five different levels of cover available known as Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus. All of these come at a different price and with different levels of cover. The classic is the basic level of cover while the four other levels of cover offer a mixture of Tow, ambulance, cab and rental. There is no deductible on imported vehicles while there is a relaxed depreciation with rates as low as 2.50% for local and 2.75% for imported vehicles. Claims are processed quickly while there are special insurance rates available for corporate and fleet customers. However, a real positive is the ability to choose from a number of options that suit the driver, the car and the budget.

The insurance cover includes private car comprehensive, commercial vehicle comprehensive, and third party comprehensive all of which will provide peace of mind from accidents whether the driver is at fault or not as well as injury, loss or death. For more details of CSIL car insurance products, see car insurance comparison at where you can find all the details of car insurance plans offered by Crescent Star Insurance.


Health Insurance Plans

Looking after the health of yourself, your family or your employees is important and that is why Crescent Star Insurance have a number of plans available to suit all needs for all such customer segments. Their health insurance comes in the form of four plans known as Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Plan D. These all offer different levels of cover depending on the cost. Plan A is the cheapest form of cover that has an annual limit of PKR 100,000, Plan B has a limit of PKR 200,000, Plan C has a limit of PKR350,000 while Plan D costs PKR 500,000. All plans offer a pre and post hospitalization expense benefits of 30 days’ while the daily room ranges from general ward, to semi private and private. The hospitalization section of cover includes surgery, ventilator services, blood supplies, prescribed medicines and scans such as MRI, CT and Endoscopy. All medical expenses are covered along with day care treatments, pre-existing conditions and maternity related claims.

The above packages are currently being offered to customers on Monthly payments basis as well. For more details of CSIL health insurance products, see health insurance comparison at where you can find all the details of health insurance plans offered by Crescent Star Insurance.


Travel Insurance Plans

Travelling for business or pleasure does come with its risks such as injury, death, illness and loss and that is why Travel Insurance is a crucial tool to have. Travel insurance with Crescent Star Insurance will ensure that you are covered for all eventualities. They offer four packages that cater for different budgets and needs. The plans are known as Comfort, Smart, Schengen and Leisure and they all come at different prices which are PKR 500, 1500, 2500 and 2900 respectively for one week with the prices altering for additional weeks of cover.

Depending on the cover taken you will be covered for personal accidental injury or other travel related risks up to specific amounts. You will also benefit from emergency medical expense cover such as dental treatment, sickness, repatriation of mortal remains along with loss of baggage, flight delays and travel emergencies.

Each form of Insurance is designed with needs, budgets and cover in mind. This ensures that everyone has access to some form of cover which is better than no cover at all. For more details of CSIL travel insurance products, see health insurance comparison at where you can find all the details of travel insurance plans offered by Crescent Star Insurance. is a leading insurance services comparison platform that allows consumers in Pakistan to choose the best insurance product for their personal needs. Visit us online to compare a selection of insurance products (also includes Askari General Insurance product), loans, banking, broadband products and more.


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