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The idea of getting a thing insured primarily means that if it is subjected to any damage or loss, compensation will be given by the insurance companies. This has been a good avenue for consumers who do not want to burden themselves with high costs of the damage done to their vehicles or any of the property. This is where car insurance stems itself. Any damage done to the vehicle in question is compensated. If the vehicle is stolen, compensation is made.



The value and convenience offered by Car insurance

It is a growing industry where drivers or vehicle owners get themselves and their car insured upon the ever-existing possibility that no matter what the circumstances, every human controlled entity is subjected to human error or judgment. Any such accident on the road that may be a consequence of this, is a usual occurrence these days. In many such instances, drivers do not have their vehicles insured and they end up paying the vast sum of money to cover the damages of their vehicle and, if the circumstances demand, a third-party vehicle too. In accordance to such expectations, various companies go on to this length in order to provide you the best car insurance deals subject to your specifications and desires.


Key categories of Car insurances in Pakistan

Within the auto insurance industry of Pakistan, there are two types of Car insurance offered by Insurance Companies in Pakistan in the status quo. The first is the Comprehensive Car Insurance in which all stakeholders involved are insured i.e the primary driver and his/her vehicle as well as the third-party that is involved in this accident. Within its ambit, it also covers all kind of unintentional or natural factors such as the likes of natural disaster, vandalism, or fire. Essentially, the reason why this option is termed ‘Comprehensive’ is because is covers all possible aspects of auto insurance for a potential consumer. The second option is the Third-party Liability Car Insurance which covers the cost of the damages to a third-party vehicle only in instances when you are at fault. Be advised, any damage done to your car is not covered in this option. This is the minimum level cover. Another option offers a limited scope and is termed as Collision Car Insurance. Within this option, vehicles that were involved in a collision or accident related damage only, be it with another vehicle or any other object. It does not provide any other damage cover such as theft or vandalism or damage caused by any storm. You can further compare Car Insurance quotes in Pakistan at


Why do you need to get your Car insured right away?

The aforementioned descriptions and analysis should suffice for you to get your car insured right away. However, if you still have doubts about the entire idea then a dissection of the Pakistani demographics is in order. In a country where we do not have stringent traffic laws and regulations, it is of paramount importance that you get your card insured since there is a pretty good chance that a motorcycle might knock off your rear-view mirror in order to get ahead of the line on busy roads in our cities like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi etc. Even worse, with the rise of political insurgencies, violent protests and a high number of criminal/terrorist attacks, any undue damage to your vehicle might pull your finances with hefty costs to the damage done to your vehicle. In a capital controlled market, where prices of different auto repair services and spare parts have the tendency of great variations, you need not to worry if you have your car insured. Convinced enough? Find the Best Car Insurance in Pakistan at is a growing Car Insurance service comparison platform that allows you to compare multiple products and facilities in order to make an informed decision. Visit us online to compare quotes for your car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, persona and car loans, broadband, and more.


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