A Review of QUBEE Broadband Plans offered in Pakistan

Qubee broadband plans

Qubee is known as one of the more reliable broadband internet providers in Pakistan. They utilise the WiMax 4G technology in Pakistan while they continue to grow and expand into other regions. They aim to offer competitive packages that helps them grow. Qubee offers a number of packages and speeds that range from 1MB up to 4MB and users will also have the option to make a choice based on how much they download although they do have a fair usage policy. The company has, in recent years merged with Wateen telecom and this has enabled the company to reduce the cost of their packages and improve the internet speed they offer to customers.


Free USB Shuttle Device and Wi-Fi Router

One of its main benefits is the offering users their free ‘Shuttle’ devices on their 2 MB unlimited package and offering free Wi-Fi Router on unlimited packages. The shuttle device provides users with internet devices that they can take around with them so that they have connectivity when out and about. The devices are plug-and-play but the packages that are designed for these devices are undoubtedly affordable. Such offerings are a great choice for those who require internet on the move. The devices are reliable and pick up signal quickly, providing users with a great experience. It is also possible to connect them into Qubee Wi-Fi pocket routers, which then allows multiple devices to connect to the internet.


Network Coverage

Qubee now offers reliable connectivity in a number of urban areas of Pakistan. This list includes Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore, providing more people the opportunity to get connected.


Speed and usage

As mentioned, Qubee has a vast selection of packages that have been designed to suit the needs of many different users. There are some users who will be after a speed that will simply allow them to browse the internet at home while others will want a speed that will allow them to play games, browse the internet and watch videos and that is why the packages have been cleverly designed. The packages are broken up into four types – Explore, Conquer, Invade and Supreme.


1- Explore Packages

Starting with the Explore packages, there are four choices available.

Explore 10 offers a speed of 1Mbps and a maximum download limit of 10GB all of which comes at a monthly cost of PKR 799 per month and a one-time charge for installation while there is no wifi available with this package.

The Explore 20 package offers a speed of 1Mbps and a download limit of 40GB (currently on offer) offering more download capability to those who need it. This also comes with no wifi and a monthly cost of PKR 999 per month and a one-time charge for installation.

The next package is Explore Max (shuttle) which also has a speed of 1Mbps but unlimited downloads all of which costs PKR 1299 per month and a one-off charge. However this package offers exclusive free Wi-Fi router.

The final offering in the Explore range is Explore Max (A plug & play connection) and this also comes with a speed of 1Mbps and unlimited downloads. The price of this package is PKR 800 per month. This also comes with a non-wife device.


2- Conquer Packages

Conquer 10 comes with a faster speed of 2Mbps and a download limit of 10GB (currently 20 GB on offer) and this comes with a non-wifi device. The price of this package is PKR 799 per month and the one-time fee will be applicable for installation.

Conquer 20 package is also non-wifi and comes with a 2Mbps speed and download limit of 40GB (currently on double offer). The cost of this package is PKR 1,199 per month along with the one-time additional charge.

The next Conquer package is Conquer Max (Shuttle) and this provides users with unlimited downloads and a speed of 2Mbps for PKR 1,000 per month along with the one-time charge. This package also comes with a non-wifi device.

The final conquer package is Conquer max and this offers speeds of 2Mbps like the other packages but no limit on downloads although it does come with a wifi device. The price of this PKR 1,499 per month along with the one off charge.


3- Invade Packages

The Invade packages offer faster speeds as the Invade 10 provides a speed of 3Mbps download speed and 10GB download limit for PKR 1,199 per month and a one off fee and this also comes with a non wifi device.

Invade 20 gives a speed of 3Mbps but 40GB of download and a non-wifi device. This will cost users PKR 1,399 per month along with one-time fee.

The last Invade package is the Invade max which also delivers speeds of 3Mbps but it does come with unlimited downloads and a wifi device. All of this costs PKR 1,699 per month with a one-time fee.


4- Supreme Max

The last package Qubee offers is the fastest and this is known as the Supreme Max. This comes with their fastest speed of 4Mbps and unlimited downloads for PKR 1,999 per month and a one-of fee will be payable at the start. The package does come with a wifi device.


Is it good value for money?

This broadband provider aims to offer a package to suit all needs. From the lowest speed of 1Mbps to the fastest at 4Mbps, it will certainly offer everyone something. They have targeted different users through the download limits they offer and this certainly offers choice.  However, these packages may not be convenient in case if you would like to do HD video streaming on the broadband internet which is very rare otherwise Qubee offers a variety of packages as highlighted above for general purpose internet usage scenarios.


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