A Quick Review of Credit Cards Offered by Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

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If you are looking to take out a credit card from a Pakistani bank or financial institution then you should consider reviewing credit cards offered by Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan as well since Standard Chartered Bank is offering a range of credit cards to satisfy the needs of different customer segments,  for example, people who are engaged with a lot of travel within Pakistan and abroad.


There are many reasons why you may need a credit card such as paying for a planned air travel, buying grocery items from the shopping center, carrying out home improvements, purchasing an electronic item or paying for the family expenses when needed. A credit card may help you to satisfy your luxurious needs as well as any emergency funding requirements. However, when the time comes to making a decision to find and select best credit card in Pakistan, it is important that you consider all of your options. Therefore, you will need to know exactly what the cards offer in order to find one that is right for you. You can always visit us online to review all the credit cards offered by leading banks and financial institutions in Pakistan.


What Cards Are Available by SCB?

Standard Chartered Bank has a number of cards available as following:

– WorldMiles Credit Card

– Visa Platinum Credit Card

– Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

– Mastercard Cashback Credit Card

– Visa Gold Card

– Mastercard Easy Credit Card


What Do These Cards Offer?

WorldMiles Credit Card – A better option for those who love travel as you can earn air miles as you spend on your travel through SCB World Miles Credit Card. The card also allows you to use domestic CIP lounges at all major airports of Pakistan. For each PKR 40 spend, you will earn 1 World air mile. These accumulated air miles can be utilized on any of your subsequent travel around the World. The Cardholder can also make unlimited use of the free complimentary lounges on 60 airports. The Cardholder can also avail an offer of 15% discount on his travel insurance. A range of other travel related benefits are also on offer as rewards for the Cardholder.


Visa Platinum Credit Card – This card is a perfect premium product allowing you to enjoy a complementary lifestyle wherever you go. The card is ideal for all kinds of uses. Users of this card will benefit from rewards which includes having rewards points for every PKR 200 that they spend on the card. The interest rate varies on this card although the minimum monthly income should be PKR 25,000 for salaried and for those who are self-employed it should be PKR 70,000. Personalized customer services, travel desks, Visa assistance, dinning reservations, car rental assistance and many other similar benefits are offered by SCB to the Cardholders.


Mastercard Titanium Credit Card – This credit card is seen to be more of a reward card as opposed to a lifestyle card because it offers a number of cashback benefits. However it can also be considered for both earning reward points and cashback offers. Cashback rewards are offered on all purchases enabling the owner to get cashback each time they spend on the card. These rewards are offered on spends on fuel, supermarkets, electronic outlets and it can also be used worldwide. You are also provide a 51 days of free credit period which works for most of us providing a good time to pay back the money without incurring any additional charges. In the same way as the previous card, the interest rate can vary yet it does require a salaried income of PKR 25,000 and a self-employed salary of PKR 70,000.


Mastercard Cashback Credit Card – The title of this credit card gives an insight into what it is all about. This is another credit card that offers cashback privileges. Users will get a certain percentage back on spends that include fuel, supermarkets and electronic outlets all of which can amount to a significant amount over the course of the year. Only cashback rewards are offered on this card. Also there are no Concierge services offered on this card like Mastercard Titanium Credit Card. The interest rate of this card can also vary but it also requires a salary of PKR 25,000 for those who are employed and PKR 70,000 for those who are self-employed.


Visa Gold Card – This again is a card that is aimed at those who want to receive cashback rewards although it is designed to make life easier and more affordable for those who use it. The cashback rewards on this card are similar to that of the other cards and so, users will receive up to 5% cashback on fuel, supermarket and electrical outlet spends. This card provides a facility and good rates for Balance Transferring from another card. The interest rate depends on the time that the card is taken out as it can vary while a salary of PKR 25,000 for employed individuals and PKR 70,000 for those who are self-employed.


Mastercard Easy Credit Card – This is a card that has been designed to offer the lowest charges while also having the ability to use it around the world. This card does not offer any cashback rewards and the interest rate can differ like the other cards available. However a bid advantage of this card is that you can use this as ATM to withdraw up to 90% of your credit limit without any charges. You also receive a cheque book which you can use to issue cheques. A salary of PKR 25,000 is required for those who are employed and PKR 70,000 for those who are self-employed, however, there is a 3% monthly fee for using the card.


What Does it Mean?

As you can see, there are a number of Standard Chartered bank cards available and all come with online banking making it possible for you to keep on top of your spending and payments. All of these credit cards are designed for specific purposes and to target specific customer segments so it is important that you understand which card works best for you before making a decision. Mawazna also provides access to credit cards offered by other leading banks and financial institutions in Pakistan and you should always compare credit cards offered by all banks to make a more informed decision. We will soon be publishing reviews of credit cards offered by other leading banks as well so that you can have a better knowledge and understanding before making critical decisions related to personal finance.


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